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The product is helpful for relieving pain and sickness. It promotes overall health and relaxation, improves well-being by addressing anxieties, supports the immune system and boosts healthy cells regeneration. This tincture contains all the components necessary to react with the human body and create molecules beneficial for health (process known as the Entourage Effect). MCT oil (extracted from coconut oil) is the carrier in the product, but also it detoxifies the body. When choosing your tincture, pay attention to the CBD count in it. As even though the volume of the bottle may be 1000 mg, the product may contain less than 10% of the CBD, which isn’t enough for the Entourage Effect. We ensure that the CBD count in our product is exactly what is declared on the package.

You will never leave the tincture behind: because of its small size the bottle fits perfectly any pocket or purse. Moreover, with the dropper you can always be sure the dosage you are taking is just right. Our original tinctures is tasteless, but you can also order cinnamon or lemon flavored ones at no additional cost.

The rating of 4.2 stars based on 225 reviews.

Price from 35.4 Per unit

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